GenderJam: All Day Every Day

Check it. GenderJamming is something we do all the time…


We stomp gender and hetero normality with sex positivity. We smash patriarchy with (verbal and physical) self-defense. We crush the state’s monopoly on decision making when we share skills and turn our theories to practice. We build affinity when we act in solidarity with others (friend, family or stranger) facing repression (which, too, comes in all shapes and sizes).

GenderJam: Lad.i.y. and Trans Fest is not extraordinarily different from the activities we desire to participate in our daily lives. And, people in Olympia who have helped create GenderJam cannot receive full credit for it’s creation because, ultimately, Gender Jamming is a tactic, an endless variety of practical activities and interactions that parallel your autonomy, YOU. You get to decide what is safe, who you trust and how you destroy the illusion of ‘the helpless’ and take the offense.

We’re excited to have you in Olympia.

And it don’t stop,

P.S. You are winning.


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