Be prepared for GenderJam: Don’t get confused, get yours!

Be prepared for GenderJam: Don’t get confused, get yours!

  • Gender and Jam
    Let’s get the Gender Politicking out of the way. During GJ there will be designated “empowerment” spaces for people of specific identity groups. There will also be time and space for everyone and anyone to come. Let it be known that we’ve tried really hard, evaluated and revisited, to provide safe and inclusive infrastructure for GJ. However, we have not viewed our decision making power as ‘gender policing’ or authority. Please review our LaDIY & Trans Space Statement to best evaluate what spaces you are comfortable with and welcome in.
  • Stay Up!
    Our schedule of events may not yet be final. However, we will be updating it constantly. So check in regularly to stay posted on workshops and other events.
  • Don’t forget to Register
    Make sure you have a place to stay, have access to child-care, language translation, etc. Register now.
  • Before you finish packing, Check out our Wish List to see if there’s anything you can bring along for us to borrow.
  • Dollar Billz
    Money is not a friend of GJ. True, without it we may not have been able to succeed in having space, food and materials for the festival. So we hardcore fund-raised to make sure that GJ could be totally capitol-free. Please review our fuck money statement.
  • What to Bring?
    Things you want to share: zines, music, ideas, all of it! A sleeping bag and a set of your own dishes might be a good idea too.

In short, come hungry, ready to dance and confront patriarchy on your terms!

Get yours!

See ya soon,


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One response to “Be prepared for GenderJam: Don’t get confused, get yours!

  1. We really appreciated participating with Gender Jam’s childcare.
    It was great to have the kiddos in the space.

    I took a wee video of the singing of Country Road – Oly style and put it on YouTube.

    It was pretty cool.



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