Post GJ Love

Dearest GenderJammers!

Thank you, thank you, a thousand times THANK YOU ALL who came to GenderJam: LaDIY and Trans Fest last weekend, November 20th-22nd, and made it the beautiful, hard, empowering, love and friendship-filled mess that it was. Thank you to all who gave of your time, your work, your resources and yourselves to create the temporary community we all shared. We sang and danced and talked and spat and kissed and made stuff and fucked up and tried harder and hopefully, loved each other as best we could. It was what it was because of you.

We (the organizers of GenderJam: LaDIY and Trans Fest Olympia 2009) want to do this again next year. We want to do it better, and we need your help. Did you like the location? How were the workshops? Did you think our policies on stuff sucked? Why? What did you love? (Because we need encouragement too–organizing is fucking hard!) What should we do the same or differently next time? Want to go on a date with one of the organizers? Want to share resources with us or other GenderJammers? What else can you tell us about your experience at GenderJam: LaDIY and Trans Fest? PLEASE get in touch with us. We do this because we want a better world, but we only know what we know. We need your feedback to make this a safer, more fun and more empowering event in the future.

Email us at
Comment on our blog at
Send us letters at
P.O. Box 12532
Olympia, WA 98508

We stomp gender and hetero normality with sex positivity. We smash patriarchy with (verbal and physical) self-defense. We crush the state’s monopoly on decision making when we share skills and turn our theories to practice. We build affinity when we act in solidarity with others (friends, family and strangers) facing repression (which, too, comes in all shapes and sizes).

GenderJam: Lad.i.y. and Trans Fest is not extraordinarily different from what we do in our daily lives. And though we Olympians who have helped create GenderJam: LaDIY and Trans Fest cannot receive full credit for its creation because Gender Jamming is a tactic, an endless variety of practical activities and interactions that arise from your autonomy, YOU. You get to decide what is safe, who you trust and how you destroy the illusion of ‘the helpless’ and take the offense.

So keep jammin’ wherever you are! Have a fest in your own town. Teach a skill. Start a discussion group. Cook together. Keep in touch with the people you met at GJ to form families of solidarity across towns and countries!

We love you.

Love and liberation-
Team GenderJam: LaDIY and Trans Fest 2009



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2 responses to “Post GJ Love

  1. I had a friend from Oregon with me during GJ I was looking around at all the rad ladies and almost started crying when I told her about the amazing women I am so lucky to know. Thanks EVERYONE for putting in work, LOVE LOVE LOVE

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