*Mission Statement*

*GenderJam Mission Statement*

GenderJam is a not-for-profit radical community event. We recognize that we live in a society full of power imbalances along lines of race, class,gender, sex, sexuality, age, physical ability, size and other diverse identities. Though these differences can feel intimidating, we also affirm that we share common experience that inspires us to fight these norms. As we work towards ending sexism in our society, we feel it is essential to build community and experience each other in new ways, loving and supporting one another. GenderJam’s intention is to build community and empower women,female-bodied or identified people, transfolk, queers, ladies, and genderqueer people. We hope to do this by sharing skills, listening to each other, performing for each other, working together, learning from one another, and affirming and lifting each other up. We hope to create spaces for dialogue, motivation and creativity, and to practice open communication and love for one another in the process.

We welcome the greater Olympia community to join with us in this effort. While the GenderJam festival itself will occupy just one weekend, our intention is to make it an anuual event, and more importantly to re-create our community to be as safe, inclusive and supportive as possible for people who are woman, female, gender queer, and/or trans-identified. We hope to be a permanent visible, irrepressible and positive force now and in the future.


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