No Money Necessary During GJ

Gender Jam will be a space free of mandatory money exchange. We are working to deconstruct systems of oppression in our society, including class privilege and exclusionary economics of US currency. We want to make sure that everyone at Gender Jam is equally able to participate in all aspects of the event- from workshops, housing and food to zines, GJ shirts, and your favorite band’s merchandise. We are working to make everything at Gender Jam either free or available on a sliding scale of $0-infinity/trade.

We must begrudgingly admit though, that cash dollars were necessary in putting this awesome event together so if you can and want to donate some of that capitalist candy, you have our encouragement and appreciation.

Yeah! Fuck Money! Jam Genders! Go Huge!

If you have any questions about this, please ask!

Thanks! You’re awesome! And we can’t wait to see you.

Gender Jam Organizers


2 responses to “No Money Necessary During GJ

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