Nov. 7th, Fundraiser for GenderJam, Be There!

November 7th 2000&crime
7:30PM @ Grandma’s House
720 Thomas St. SW (between 7th & 8th Ave.)

Music By

B-Day Suit
Who’s wearing What?

Gold & Silver
Metallic, lustful explosions

Black Oak
Mind-Bending Acoustic Black Metal

Raw hardcore. ‘Nuf said.

Thought Crime Collective
The end of politics… The beginning of (A)ll life.

Rosco is selling Tamales!
Can you already taste those golden morsels of galactic proportions melting in your mouf’…

Hit the Bricks
” will be tabling Anarchist Distro and GJ Merch.

up yours

Suggested donation at the door. No one turned away.

❤ GJ


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Taste The Tangible

Trans, Cunts, Neutrals… It’s Time!
GenderJam is just around the corner!


Confirmed Workshops Include:
Book-binding, astronomy, comics, drag performance, massage techniques, self defense, acrobalancing, piercing and tattoos, radical mycology, portable stove making, ICE Resistance, how to pants the cops without them knowing, making earrings, square dancing, songwriting, screen printing, and more!

Confirmed Performances By:
Kimya Dawson, Eleanor Murray, Foxdye, Aba Cole, Council of Lions, Cumulus, Witch Kromosomes, Femme Uke, Black Guns, Party Thighs, Little Swamp, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Pet Dander, Mika Mae, Margy Pepper, Violet, Briana Marela and Blood Bones.

Ready or not, here we come…

Gender Jamming


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Volunteer at GenderJam

Hello again!

Gender Jam is about a month away and we’re getting ready to rock this shit like we know how! Being said, we’re here to let you know that we can’t rock it without you (but we hope you already know that).

VOLUNTEER. If you’re not facilitating a workshop, performing or have your hands full in another venue, let us know what your availability is and what your willing to do to make GenderJam happen.

REGISTER. Especially if you’re from out of town. Make sure you have transportation and a place to stay. Put simply, help us help you.

FACILITATE A WORKSHOP. Share yo skills. ‘Nuff said.

Yours Fiercely,


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Workshop Submission Deadline: November 1st

Deadline is October 25th
Deadline is November 1st
(Though it is now past the deadline, you may still submit your workshop. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that you will have a time slot in our schedule. We’ll do our best to make room for everyone!)

We’re so happy to host your workshop and want to make sure that you have all you need to make it great! Keep in mind that of all the proposed workshops, some match in subject matter. If it’s alright with you, we can put in you in contact with others who desire facilitating a similar workshop. If this is not okay, please specify that in the questionnaire.

Though we have many workshop submissions, we are lacking diversity in subject matter. So submit your workshop now!

Note: GJ’s time and resources are limited. Please try your best to have all of your materials prepared for your workshop.

Sorry for the late notice but we have a lot to do to make Gender Jam the sickest event to ever hit Cascadia!

Go to our “Workshop Facilitators’ Final Questionnaire” and submit your workshop.


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We’ve Set A Date!


NOVEMBER  20TH – 22ND @ The Procession Studio (Wheelchair Accessible)!

*Downtown Olympia*

We’re still managing logistics, housing etc. please be patient. In the mean time, please fill out our “Watcha Got? Whatcha Want? Survey”


❤ GenderJam

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Help Us Get To Gender Jam!



Help Us Raise Funds!

Please help us out any way you can. If you can’t donate money check out the WhatchaGot, WhatchaWant? survey for other ways you can help.

There will be a paypal link here soon, until then feel free to email the organizers at to donate money.


Gender Jam

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Gender Jam: Oly LAdiy & TRANS FEST 2009!

We’re back because we’re under attack.
Ready to throw down?
Trans, Cunts, Neutrals… it’s Time!

It's Not Easy

Herstory, news & logistics coming soon!

Email us!


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