Schedule of Events

Please view the program for GenderJam: LaDIY and Trans Fest 2009 here:
(.pdf file, 47.1 MB)

Workshop Schedule
All Workshops held at Procession Studio—311 Capitol Way North
See program for complete workshop descriptions and exact locations

Friday — 2PM to 6:30PM

2-4pm  Getting to Know Your Local Plant Friends:
a Medicinal Plant Walk Around Downtown  Olympia
(Emma Rose of the Olympia Free Herbal Clinic)
3-4:30pm  DIY Bookbinding (Nicole)
3-5pm   Radicalizing Gender (Rosco Kickingstone)
4:30-6:30pm  Comics Aren’t Just for Boys (Chelsea Baker)
4:30-6:30pm  Radical Mycology: How We Can Work With Our
Fungal Allies to Decompose Industrial Civilization
and Re-Wild (Maya)
4:45-6:30pm  Drag Performance Workshop (Cheshire), then:
Queer Meets World: a discussion (Noah)
4:45-6pm  Fire-spinning (Emma)
5-6:30pm  The Police is the Enemy (Jami)
6:30-7:30pm Dinner

Saturday —10AM to 6:30PM

10-11:30am     Clothing Optional Womyn’s Book Group (Lizzy)
*Safe Space for Female Bodied and  Female Identified People *
10-11:30am      Aggressor Accountability (For Crying Out Loud)
10:30-12:30am  Write Yourself Free (Giovanna Marcus
and Lindy Blodget)
10:30-12pm      Breaking Things and Hurting People:
Practical Self Defense (Taiga Run)
11am-1pm        Shark Tooth Earrings (Summer Schief)
11:45am-1pm   Consent (Molly and Amory)
12-1pm             Freestyle Fugitives (Kate and Jami)
1-2pm  LUNCH
2-3pm              Facilitation Workshop (Mary and K-Teeo)
2-4pm              Jam-Session for Everyone (Jorie and Erica)
2-4pm              Introduction to Automobile Maintenance (Megann)
2-4pm              Let’s Talk About Sex: a Positive Info-share
and Discussion (Lizzy and Cheshire)
2:15-4pm         Prison Doula Project
2:30-4:30pm     Massage Fabulous: Principles and Techniques
to Improve Your Skills (Mandy)
4-5pm              Fertility Awareness (Katie)
4:15-6:15pm    Gender Identity (Stonewall Youth)
4:15-6:30pm    DIY Screenprinting: Art Dirt Cheap! (Mish)
4:45-6:30pm    Stab Your Friends: DIY Piercing and Tattoos
(Witch Hazel and Ramona)
5-6:30pm         Moon Pad Sewing (Tina)
6:30-7:30         DINNER
8-9pm             Neckbeard Square Dance
8-9pm             Galactic Nerd Club Meeting:
Astronomy 101 (Jorie Jorat)

Sunday —12PM to 6:30PM

10-12  BRUNCH and show
12-2pm  Folk Song Circle (Billie Joe
Bumpkins and Julianne)
12-2pm  Rocket Stoves (Chriset)
12-2pm  Gender and Soul (Silvia)
12-2pm  Keepin’ the Engine (between your legs)
Running (Corrine)
12-2pm  Immigration Solidarity in the NW 
2:15-4 pm  Queer People of Color Caucus (Rosco and
Migueltzinta) *Safe Space for QPOC*
2:15-4:15pm  The Struggle for Transgender Equality
(Kaz Susat)
2:15-4pm  Body Positivity (Alysia Angel)
2:15-4pm  Camera-Less 16MM Filmmaking (Malic Amalya). 
2:30-4:30pm  Acrobalancing for Beginners (Marcy)
4:30-6:30  Community Response to Sexual Assault
(Eli and Ktee-O)
4:30-6pm  Reproductive Justice 101 (POWER)
4:30-6:30pm  Rock Band 101: Be a Rock Star for a Day!
(Rosco and Yianna)
4:30 - 6:30pm  Olympia Doula Caucus (Zoe Swords)
4:30-6:30pm  WTF: Reclaiming the Bike Shop (B-Cycle)
6:30-7:30 Dinner, followed by Talent Show (be ready!)

Music Schedule:

Friday, November 20

8 – 10:30 PM at the Procession Studio
Witch Kromosomes, Party Thighs, Council of Lions, Kimya Dawson and Purple
Rhinestone Eagle. This event will begin with a commemoration for the Trans
Day of Remembrance.
Saturday, November 21

1:30 – 4:30 pm at Last Word Books
Briana Marela, Cumulus, Eleanor Murray, Pet Dander, Little Swamp

8-9 pm at the Procession Studio
Square dancing with Neckbeard

9 pm – 2 am at the Procession Studio
Blood Bones, Margy Pepper, Black Guns, Foxdye, Violet, Rattlesnack, Mika Mae

Sunday, November 22

11 am – 12 pm at the Procession Studio
Aba Cole and Femme Uke

8pm – 10pm at the Procession Studio
open mic and talent show

Schedule is subject to change!
Check in at our headquarters for workshop changes.

See you there!


24 responses to “Schedule of Events

  1. riley

    what bands are playing each night?

  2. queer

    i know y’all are putting a lot of work into this but pretty much everything except maybe the ice thing sounds sooo crafty diy and irrelevant…

    • sam

      look at the mission statement – the point is to create community. i don’t see how any of these workshops are irrelevant to the mission statement.

    • mia maxwell

      workshops on self-defense and patriarchy and police are irrelevant? also there’s going to be more workshops then listed here.

    • mia maxwell

      um also it’s a “diy” fest…

    • why don’t you facilitate a workshop/discussion that you find more relevant?

    • anuthaqueer

      i’d like to note that some of the “crafty” workshops listed are pretty relevant to living a life not dependent upon the pre-designed corporate world, for example: building rocket stoves, DIY book binding.

      radical self-reliance is an important skill to have and share with others.

      I’m really stoked for all the workshops, to share creativity, fun, important information, and fuckin’ MAD RAD SKILLS!

      This is going to be an amazing festival- errybody get PUMPED!

  3. riley

    i cant seem to find the address for the procession center on the website…perhaps i have overlooked it?

    i’m so excited to dance around and learn new skills!

  4. Kate

    Yo, we’ve got less than a week to go… any closer to posting the full schedule?

  5. Hi,
    Are yall going to have art featured at any of the venues? I would like to include some of my art that deconstructs gender, or at least depicts genderqueer folks. What do you think? It is pretty last minute, but just wanted to try and show. I’ll send jpgs to another address if you are interested and you can find some of my art on my facebook page.

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  8. romham

    With only a few days to go, i have yet to see ANY accessibility information anywhere here or on the facebook group. If GJ folks are working to be inclusive of the full fabulousness of our communities (and the mission statement suggests you do!), then please make sure this information is clearly, easily consistently available ahead of the event.

  9. Nicolina

    shout out to every single person involved in the making of this event

  10. august

    the file for the program seems to be broken? I can’t get it to open.

    • Gender.Jam

      Once you click on it your computer should prompt you to open or save the file. It could be that your computer does not have an application that is compatible with it.

  11. Sweet Pea

    There is going to be a chance to sing with Olympias Free choir on Sunday 4-6 @ fertile ground guest house (behind the library)… Double check the final schedule when it comes out and come sing with us!!!

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  13. GayDays

    I thought for some reason there was going to be a ladiy & trans dance party friday night. Is there or did I make that up? Can’t wait for the festivities…

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