Transgender Day of Rememberance

Gender Jam is going to hold Olympia’s Transgender Day of Remembrance on Friday Nov. 20.

This event is a world wide moment for Transgendered folks and allies to take a moment to remember those lost at the hand of hate crimes. The TDOR Gender Jam is holding will be a moment for people to hear the voices of people who wish to speak on these matters, reserve 1 minute of silence for the individuals who passed this year, and reveal an alter that is set to celebrate their lives, heal their spirits, heal the spirits of those who survive them, communicate with ourselves about how to prevent these atrocities in the future, and most importantly: Remember.

We want to celebrate and remember these people, who lived all around the globe, in order to love them and not forget that we, as trans people and allies, have the power to end fatal hate crimes.

There will be papers for people to write thoughts and prayers to those who have passed; candles to light in their honor and memory; information about the people made available by the TDOR website, so we can know who they were.

This can be a very triggering painful process for some people. Because of this we will have mediators available for people’s needs.

We want to remind you that this will be a moment to remember as well as celebrate their lives. These people were individuals that deserve
celebration for existing, this is at the heart of our TDOR event.

If you’re interested in knowing more about TDOR and the people from 2008-09 visit:

Thanks for reading and we can’t wait to see you at Gender Jam Lad.i.y. and Trans Fest!!


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